2 day  trekking the Fishermans walk

3 day Fishermans walk

2 day Fisherman’s walk


2 Day trekking  in Oman along the coast  with  one night camping on a beach, there are walks on beaches, in and around the wadis, some deep ascents and descents all with fantastic views of the ocean.  The  last day of  7 hrs trekking can be made  shorter if you would prefer, this needs arranging prior to the trip in Oman.





Day 1

Meeting at our offices in Al khould, at 09:00 h  we will have a briefing before we stet off  in the cars  for  the trekking trip.

We will then reach the start of the Fishermen’s trail,  The walk is  between the ocean and the mountains, we will walk along a beach and then up and over the wadi’s and cliffs with great views of the Ocean, by mid afternoon we will reach our beach. Time to set up camp and enjoy a dip in the Ocean before the sun sets.

Ensure to have good  light walking footwear as the walk crosses rough terrain. Appropriate shoes : Strong trainers, trail shoes, light trainers (no heavy hiking boots).

Important you pack light for this trip

Walking: 3-4 hours  l Driving: 2.5 hour

Day 2

In the morning we will have an early start (7am departure) to walk the 2nd part of the fishermen’s walk.  This day is a long day and we need a very early start, the walk will test your stamina in the warm  day temperatures of Oman. The trail is spectacular where where the mountains hit the ocean.  With 6 wadis to skirt round or cross we will see the remote beauty of Oman. the tracks will become flatter and the finish is along the beach back to our waiting cars.

Mid afternoon we will drive towards Muscat return to Hotel in Muscat ( provided by MDAC )

Walking: 7-8 hours  l Driving: 2 hour



250/-OMR Adult per person based on 2min pax

/-OMR Children per person based on 2min pax

****Our Currency is: (OMR) or (ريال)