5 day Tour Of Oman

5day Tour Of Oman

5 day Tour Of Oman


5 day Tour Of Oman


5 day Tour Of Oman

The tours is of Oman’s mountains and deserts, driving along the coast to visit the turtles and fishing villages of Oman

Day 1

Pick up from your hotel in Muscat (hotel not provided by MDAC) at 8:00am

Jebal Shams Balcony walk & Via Ferrata

Early start from Al Kateen village we follow the balcony trail along the mountain edge to an abandoned village which clings to the rocks completely hidden from view from above and below. Just beyond the village we can see the traditional farm terracing where locals used to produce their food and a short walk further takes us to the small lake that feeds the terracing. The walk back along the balcony trail offers more breath-taking views of the canyon.

Leave Jebal Shams to discover the hidden village in Wadi Ghul (depending on the time)

Night in Nizwa

Hotel being changed from Falaji Daris to Al Diyar due to unavailable  rooms

Walking: 5-6 hours  l Driving: 1H30 hours


Day 2

Nizwa to Wahiba

You will visit the souq and the fort of Nizwa in the morning. You will then head to the desert to discover the beautiful dunes of the wahiba sands.

Wild camping

Walking: 1-2 hours  l Driving: 4 hours


Day 3

Wahiba Sands-Ras Al Hadd

In the morning we will spend some time with Bedus to understand their new way of life and learn more about camels. Women can get a Henna Tattoo and learn how to make traditional bread.

We will head to Ras Al Hadd to enjoy the beach and see the Turtles (we hope so!). Night at Turtle Beach Resort. Turtle Watch at  20:30pm Wild camping

Walking: 1-2 hours  l Driving: 4 hours


Day 4

Sur & Wadi  Shab

We will leave Ras Al Hadd early morning to go along the north coast; we will stop in Sur to visit the dhow factory (+ fish market). In Sur we will visit the high street where the men get to have a traditional shave and the ladies can shop and relax in the local coffee shop.

In the afternoon, off to discover Wadi Shab.

After an hour walk in the Wadi we will reach beautiful natural pools where you will enjoy a swim. At the end of the Wadi you will need to swim for a few minutes to reach a beautiful hidden cave.

Walking: 2-3 hours  l Driving: 3 hours


Day 5

Bimah – Muscat

After an early breakfast we will continue our adventure to Bimah.

Transfer back to Muscat



5day Tour Of Oman

630/-OMR Adult per person based on 2min pax

****Our Currency is: (OMR) or (ريال)