Bird watching



Experience a side of Oman’s beauty that very few people see in this relaxing and tranquil half or full day tour.

Every year millions of birds migrate between the two great landmasses of Asia and Africa. From the beautiful Little Green Bee-eater to the Huge Lappet-faced Vulture, Oman’s birds are a rare sight to behold.

See how many of the 468 species on the Oman bird list you can spot!

You will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will provide information about geology, plants and animals in Oman. This nature trip covers information on flora and fauna in Oman.

Birdwatching in Oman





First we will visit Al Ansab Lagoons Omanis first bird orientated nature reserve. This is a sewage farm but the fresh water after treatment attracts many passing species of Waders, Ducks, warblers and similar, plus birds of prey. The Lagoons have small Hides /screens which mean the sensitive birds on the Lake can be observed without disturbance.

Our second visit will be to Qarum park and Estuary. Qarum in Arabic means mangrove, the Estuary and surrounding Wadi are rich in Black Mangrove. Egrets, Ducks,Kingfishers,Harriers, Glossy Ibis, Spoon Bills and Flamingos are often seen depending on the season. Unexpected Migrants and Vagrants are often spotted as because of the fresh water and dense fauna Qarum is the perfect resting place for anything passing.

Time dependent our next stage of the journey will take us to Yiti and the coastline which leads to Banda Qaran. Yiti can offer a few waders that we may have missed at the previous sites plus ocasionally Sacotra Cormorants may be picked out from the usual common species at the lagoon leading to the beach. Banda Qaran and the coast line leading to it have steep limestone cliffs ,islands and outcrops. Ospreys, Egyptian Vulture and Marsh Harriers are seen in abundance .During April to Early December the Sooty Facon can be seen here and nest in these cliffs. From the highest point at the telecomunications mast Short toesd Eagle can often be spotted.

After a light snack we will head back to your Hotel.


180/-OMR for a 1 day trp

****Our Currency is: (OMR) or (ريال)

This price include:

Gualified guide and a driver

Pick up and drop off in Muscat

Space for 4 people



Trip Details:

4/5 hours

3:30 hours drive

07:00 – 12:00

Bring with you:

Wide brim hat

Comfortable shoes (no flipflops)

Long trousers or long shorts & T-shirt



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