This is an entry level canyoning trip though more technical than the left fork with a 10m and 30m abseil. It is definitely the most popular canyon trip in Oman.

Snake Canyon is located in Wadi Bani Awf in the Western Hajar Mountains. The drive from Muscat takes 2.5h that includes an exciting off road drive through Wadi Bani Awf.


As you descend the canyon 100m – 150m high cliffs surround you, narrowing to only a couple of metres wide in some sections.

A reasonable standard of fitness is required for this trip as there is swimming, walking, jumping (optional) and scrambling involved.

Including travel this is a full day trip with  3 -4 hours in the canyon depending on the size of the group and covering a distance of about 3km.

We provide all necessary equipment (helmets, harness, buoyancy aid).


Comfortable, loose fitting clothes that you can swim in. Modest dress is required as we pass through local villages (shoulders covered and knee length shorts). Nov – Feb a warmer layer is recommended (non cotton) or feel free to bring a wet suit if you have one.

Light comfortable trainers (which will get wet-NO SANDALS) and a change of clothes for the journey back, don’t forget the underwear!

Waterproof camera or phone/camera in a waterproof case and medium sized backpack so that you can carry your water and snacks (the backpack will get wet)





Trek 1 ½ hours along a balcony at 2000m, passing the abandoned village of Sap Bani Kamis, stopping for lunch at a beautiful secluded pool (swim optional). This route takes you to the start of a stunning 150m vertical climb which then leads to the best view on Jebel Shams.

Attached to a steel cable via specialized equipment you ascend the original route that the villagers once took but with no protection, using wooden pegs and chock stones to assist in their climb. Behind you is the Arabian Grand Canyon (Wadi Gul) with an exposure of over 1000m.

The climb is split into three sections, the first two are divided by a ledge where it is possible to stop for a photo and to have a drink before continuing up the cliff.

No previous experience is required but you will need a reasonable level of fitness, some upper body strength and a head for heights.



Discover a beautiful cave near Nizwa!

Descending via an abseil in to the wadi your search for a cave entrance will begin (here’s a hint, follow the direction the water would flow!)

Once inside the cave as your eyes adjust to the darkness a totally different world will present itself, as will the heat! Within minutes you will find yourself looking down into the depths of the cave below, possibly being able to make out eery noises of the local inhabitants.

Another abseil will see you reach those depths and your real exploration will begin.

For the next couple of hours you will have the opportunity to explore your new environment, learn about the local and geological history of the cave and have some fun!