We will leave Muscat in the morning to start making our way towards Wadi Bani Awf, one of the most spectacular wadis in the country.

The road goes through very interesting off -road sections. We will snake our way up past the famous Snake Canyon, seeing the canyon from above. On the way we will make a few stops to explore the area by foot. Just past Snake Canyon is the photogenic village of Balad Sayt. You will see how a real village lives works in the mountains; you can take a short walk round the fields and streets, all your senses will be awakened: the cooking from local kitchens, the children and adults talking, the colors of the doors and fields will make this experience unique.

We keep climbing up and up until we reach Sharaf al Amain at 2000 m. There will be time for a picnic lunch here. At 2000 m you will have a view of both sides of the mountain. You will feel a difference in temperature at this height. After all we will slowly descent down to the other side of the mountain.

We will continue into Nizwa to see the fort and mosque dominating the central area.

After all we will come back to Muscat late afternoon.


125/- OMR  – All-Inclusive

The price includes:

A guide and a driver

Transport from/to Muscat

Space for 4 people

We can also provide lunch for an extra 4 OMR per person.

Booking: info@holiday-in-oman.com


Full day trip:

600kms drive

07:30 am – 5:0 pm

Bring with you:

sun hat

sun cream