Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate and Environmental Policies


Here at Muscat Adventure Centre we believe that, no mater how beautiful the natural places here are, it cannot just be considered to be just a wonderful natural playground for holiday makers, rather, the place, the people, and their customs must be respected. To this end we engage, wherever possible, with the local community of each place we take our clients, talking to village leaders to make sure we are not offending them. This means driving very slowly through villages, parking responsibly, not picnicking in sacred areas, keeping noise to a minimum and, most importantly, respecting their religious views. This means never drinking alcohol anywhere near communities and making sure we are always modest and keep covered up when changing clothes after swimming.

On top of reducing the impact of tourism, we believe we have a responsibility to make a positive impact. This is why we support local Omani projects and presently are encouraging all our customers to help in our ‘Children’s Book Appeal’, a very worthy cause where we provide educational books to the children of the villages near where we operate.


There can be no denying that Oman’s natural beauty is stunning, but it will not stay that way. Not unless we take a lead in showing people that improvements in lifestyle and commercial wealth does not have to mean abuse of the environment. In most cases a little education goes a long way, for example, many people going to the toilet in wilderness location has a significant impact on the area, but with some tactful information on the proper procedure, this impact can be reduced to a minimum. We never leave litter and organise litter picking with customers and locals, to encourage everyone to realise the responsibility we all have to respect and improve our environment.


With every technological breakthrough, our plastic, hi-fi, modern lifestyle becomes more disconnected from the natural world. Fast food, sedentary jobs, and a lack of knowledge about nature makes us unable to understand, look after, and enjoy the natural world. Here at Muscat Adventure Centre we are on a mission to reverse that trend. We are passionate to show our customers the proper clothing to wear, the right equipment to take, how to read the weather, what properties different plants have, how each animal fits into its environment, and endless other snippets of knowledge, that help them understand our natural environment, making it a place we can comfortably engage with.‚Äč

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