Salalah In the Mists of Time

Salalah In the Mists of Time


Salalah In the Mists of Time

3rd September to 11th September 2106
The Salalah basin has an unusual and unique microclimate, the Khareef brings life in the summer months.  No other place in the middle east does this happen. The weather outside of the basin is raging hot, while in the basin, for a few short months a year, a tropical atmosphere brings change and life to the area; a superb chance to experience this natural phenomenon!Located close to Yemen and 1200km from Muscat, Salalah is a unique place over a few months

This is not only about the natural beauty of the area but also a remarkable cultural experience due to the cultural mix brought by neighbouring countries visiting Salalah for the Khareef festival.

The trip having stunning walks over varied terrains and views, we will make the most of the journey, taking in the nature that will be around us; capturing the special moments when they arise in front of us. Some birds and plants are endemic to this region. This region has many mammals that are not seen in the North of Oman, Arabian wolf, Arabian leopard, Indian crested porcupine,  caracal , Honey badgers .

Have  a look at the BBC‘s  Wild Arabia which shows Oman and Salalah


Day 1  Saturday  3rd September 

Leave your home country and arrive in / Salalah

Pick up from airport to hotel



Meet the group for breakfast 08:00

9:30 set off in cars

We will be picked up by our guides and look around Al Baleed Archaeological site and museum.

We will be able to get a good understanding of how this ancient city and Dhofar, in general, was a strong thriving centre of trade as far back as 2500BC with the big mosque being built in the 10th century.

On the same site, there is a world class Maritime museum which has fantastic information about maritime history of Oman and Arabia, giving insights in to how they built ships and all the types of navigation used.

There is a bird hide we can use to look out over the lagoons in Baleed.

We will then relax and have dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 3


Salalah to Ain Shahnout

Today we stretch our legs and have some walking. At the start of the walk if we are quiet, we can see Rock Hyrax, a very social animal which lives in the rocks. We will then make our way into this wide wadi and start the walk: it starts flat and easy on a track, then gets progressively more difficult in the boulder field where there are many signs of animal and birdlife; we will take our time to try and spot them.

Bruce’s Green pigeon is a lovely looking bird but is very hard to see, this area is good to find them.

Visit Wadi Darbut, here we will have a light picnic lunch. with a short drive to Tawi Attair,

The Well of the Birds has a dramatic view of the sinkhole; we will walk down as far as the ledge, the sound of the birds echo round. The most commonly heard is the Tristram’s Grackle (like a starling/ minor bird), and the Rupples Weaver in bright yellow, with so many small birds is a favourite for Raptors, and an Arabian endemic the Yemen Serin,


Back to Samharam Plateau, We walk in to a big cave and a very impressive open canyon. We will take the hidden stairs down to the track that will lead us to our first big stop; this cave is easy to walk in and has plenty of light, many rock pigeons and bats live in side. After having a rest and a look round, we make our way down to the valley. You will see another cave which we can look in before exploring the surrounding area.

After lunch and more exploring this huge bowl we will make our steady ascent back to the rim.

In the evening we will visit a special place where we can enjoy some refreshments of the berry /hops nature (if it’s not Ramadan)
Day 5



Wadi Hanna. This is a nature day walk: giant millipedes 20cm, toads, snakes, chameleons, birds…not even talking about plants and trees.

This is a half day rambling around under the trees before driving to the view point over looking Murbat; a very interesting port from a modern history point of view as this is where the Adoo (enemy) during the Dhofar war nearly managed to get a foothold on the plains of Salalah. Fantastic views; this area is home to wolves and we will go to a watering hole to see if we can see tracks.

Do not be surprised to see a wolf running in front of the car or be seen disappearing over the hill in front; they are around, we just have to spot them. This walk will have some scrambling to get round rocks or over a small waterfall.

Tonight we will eat local  (Vege’s will not be forgotten)

Day 6


Ain Hamran  and   Murbat

This Ain is full of birds and in the past seen some larger mammals due to its spring water. After this we will set off to Khor Rawri  the ancient port for the frankincense trade, now a small museum is there and we take time to look for  raptors hunting over the reeds.

Murbat a fishing town that was the setting for a great battle of modern history, should the rebles have taken this place , the course of Oman’s as we see it to day might be different.

We will visit the port with its many fishing dhows and boats, great place for photos


Day 7


Ain Raznat

This walk will be different from the previous ones as we will have an umbrella of cover which will make it humid. The walk is up hill starting in Wadi Darbat; you will walk through the wadi and follow the canyon until we have to climb up and up to the escarpment out of the bush/tree line onto the flat plains. The wadi starts off covered with a blanket of trees with wild fig and Baobab, the area will be alive with nature; chameleons are seen around there but you need to look hard as they slowly move catching insects.

There is no path to follow until we hit more scrub and see the skyline.

Once out of the wadi we can lengthen our stride on the flat ground and make towards the village and our cars.




option of trip to Thumrait for potential sighting of Leopard or…

Mugasail area .

First Early morning visit to rubbish tip, here we will see many raptors.

On to Mugasail, visiting Khors and Wadis on route. See the blow holes and enjoy a coffee.  Take drives along the coast towards the Yemen border, taking in the stunning dramatic views of the cliff top coastline. Here you will see the strange Dragons blood tree.


Day 9


Salalah   —   Home

Today we make ready to fly home back Home on your flight

There will be one group transfer to Airport




9 days program

 Per person 826 OR/pax    twin sharing room

Single supplement 150 OR/ per person

****Our Currency is: (OMR) or (ريال)