Self-Drive & Car Hire

Self-Drive & Car Hire



Self-Drive can be looked at in two ways:

1-You do all the design to the package and hire the equipment you need from us only.

2-Option add help to design a trip with you. 150 OMR


** Camping , Self-Drive & Car Hire Costing Sheet:

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Step 1  Set your dates

Remember that our weekend is Friday and Saturday also that some events like Nizwa market are on certain days and times

Step 2  Look at what your groups would like to see and do and why they are coming to Oman

Step 3  Set out a matrix of days: (example)

i- Day1  Sat  5th April 2019 ……Arrive on wy 27/09:30  Pick hire car up Mr Nitin  9876541x……..Hotel xxxxx

ii- Day 2  Sun     6th April……….Dolphin watching then drive to wadi shab ………Camp

iii- Day3   Mon   7th April


Step 4

Hire all your equipment, book hotels and activities.

Use the Self-drive form to help

** Camping , Self-Drive & Car Hire Costing Sheet:

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