The Team

The Team


Believe it or not, this guy (Rob Gardner) started it all. He and his 5 camels (midlife crisis buy) developed a reputable company from the ground- up.

Rob Gardner



The team is formed of a fruitful concoction of Brits, Frogs, Yanks, Germans, and of course Omanis. We are all here to help you; from planning your trip, to giving you advice, to helping you reach the peak, and encouraging you to take the leap into the canyon. Whatever your need, we will do our best to fulfill it.

Talib - Partner

Handles all the administration and local governmental work.

Gareth - Senior Instructor/Manager

Hails from the Adventure Capital of the World, New Zealand. Has a passion for outdoor adventure activities and loves to share his passion with you, our guests.

Ola - Schools/Office Manager

Looks after all enquiries coming through the email and the general running of the office but you will find her trying to sneak on to as many trips as possible!

Neleesh - Accountant

Keeps us all in order and the cash flow working. We do manage to get him outside on events, helping out.

Waleed - Driver/Fountain of Knowledge

He is the guy that picks you up at the airport and sorts you out with all the problems you face.

Tina - Head of House

All the food on trips and all the food for staff is provided by her.  She looks after us all, including you, but never seen.